Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wolk for water

Last week I went to India gate for attend a rally for save the water. There is so many student came from different school. Some of industry people came there who organize that. After thirty minute one man gave a big speech about how to save water that was a very nice speech. Than our chief minister came and said few word of how important water for us. Every one exacted for do this job. Some school performed on stage. Then C.M leave balloon on sky and the Massage to all world it’s time to save the Dampen. Then rally start we were front of line.

play cricket

Previous Saturday, I went to seva kutir for play cricket. It is jail of who are under 18. When we arrive there they pass lot of comment like (are you coming for play cricket or modeling they all laugh and said some one Dhoni, lara, we thought they have some mental problem . before match we met them and sake hand. they looking very creasy about play cricket . They talked like friend then we were playing and won the match. Then we show how they live there and they came to there. They said we did some misted that by we here. Finally I know they creasy not mental. It really nice moment me

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

about me

Before Salaam Baalak Trust

I was born in Bihar. My father is handicapped. He cannot walk. When he came to Delhi for a treatment I came with him. We stayed eight months in Safdarjung in a hospital. Between the treatments my father talked to a doctor about my studies. After that I went with him. He put me in his relative’s house where I was living and working. By that time I was around seven years old. After a few months I was doing all the work of his house. I was cleaning the floor, washing the kitchen material, cloths and the toilet. If I did not fulfill their expectations, his son beat me. At that time I wanted to leave that place, but I did not know anything about Delhi, not even the name of street or the area I was living in. Only the number of the house I knew.

After two years my father came to visit me. He asked me how my studies and everything else were going. I told my father that my life there was not good and that I didn’t want to live there. He took me out of that place and talked to a social-worker when he stayed in the hospital for his treatments. He had heard about Praveen Nair’s approach to help street- and working-children. He told my father about Salaam Baalak Trust. By that time SBT was a young NGO and they just opened Apna Ghar shelter home for educational purposes after Aasra and the Drop-In Shelter. I stayed in Aasra for about six month before I came to Apna Ghar.


I am living in Salaam Baalak Trust for the last ten years. When I came to SBT I did not know about the value of studying. From the beginning I got extra help from SBT’s teachers because I didn’t know how to read and write. I started to go to fourth standard in formal school after three months by the age of nine. Last year I completed 12th standard. Now I am doing a B.A. program from the Delhi University in art stream.

I am also doing a multimedia-course from NIIT YUVA STAR since ten months. I have learnt already how to use photo- and graphic-editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. Right now I am practicing on common and nowadays worldwide used internet-related software. I just started my first blogs (see blogspot, wordpress) on which I upload my work-examples. Doing this I learn how to use different ways to present my samples online. i am going to learn Adobe Flash, a software for adding animation and interactivity to web pages. Afterward I want to learn computer language related web design because I want to become a web designer.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my photoshop work

these pictures i worked in photo shop. now i'm making some more picture or design in illustrator;javascript:void(0) coral.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

satnam kai

hello this is my first blog i want to learn more thing from everbady i want to join some badyand i telling fiuw word about me and maltimedia workshop is't great time to learn some things

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Big boss ag

this is my first web blog and i want to see

photo gallery

photo gallery
in the book